This isn’t so much of an “About” section as it is a justification for this blog’s existence.  So if you were hoping to find out my favorite movie and ideal first date, sorry.   (Just kidding.  It’s Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and a trip to a palace made entirely of bacon.)

Anyway, why start this blog?  Well, I’ve been wanting to do more writing.  And this is a good, pressure-free way to let myself do that.  Also, other people have said they enjoy my writing.  They may very well be lying, but the joke’s on them now.

What will I be writing about?  Pretty much whatever tickles my fancy.  Most likely, it will be an indignant reaction to something I saw online that’s far too long to post on my Facebook wall.  Or it might just be an in-depth artistic critique of the latest cute animal video.  My blog, my rules.


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